Why Is Your Cat So Cranky?

Written By: Mudassir


Skipping meals or empty food bowls make for a very hangry, cranky kitty! Stick to a consistent feeding schedule.  

Change Routine

Schedule/location changes stoke stress. Gradually introduce adjustments & maintain consistency.

Lack Stimulation

Bored cats get restless and grumpy. Ensure ample enticing toys that activate natural hunting instincts.  


Illness and pain inevitably cause bad moods. Look for other symptoms and call your vet.

Stress Trigger  

Loud noises, new pets, construction - find and eliminate stressors making kitty edgy.   

Marking Territory  

Place multiple litter boxes to prevent accidents. Clean messes with enzyme cleaner to remove scent triggers.

Loss Of Control   

Let kitty adjust at their pace to unfamiliar carriers, kids, guests. Provide hiding spots when needed.

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