7 Heroically Brave Dogs 

Written By: Mudassir


This history-making Husky was the first dog in space paving the way for manned spaceflight.  


Braving a treacherous blizzard, this sled dog delivered medicine to save an Alaskan town from diphtheria.  

Sergeant Stubby

Veterans recognize this exemplary World War I battlefield dog who captured enemies and warned soldiers.


Famous St. Bernard rescue dogs carry on Barry's courageous legacy of saving lost travelers in the Alps.   


Marines honored bomb-sniffing German Shepherd Lex for saving many lives in dangerous Iraq patrols.


On 9/11, this Ground Zero search and rescue dog worked tirelessly despite debris and smoke.


Guide dog Baxter bravely led his blind owner down 70+ smoky, pitch-black flights of stairs from the World Trade Center.  

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