White House calls for measures in response to disturbing Taylor Swift deepfakes

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The White House has called for extreme measures as disturbing, sexually explicit deepfakes of Taylor Swift continue to circulate online.

On Friday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed White House concern and urged social media companies to impose strict rules to prevent “the spread of misinformation, and non-consensual, intimate images of real people.” Have done.

“We are concerned by reports of the spread of the images that you have just posted – false images to be more precise, and that is worrying,” Jean-Pierre said. abc, “While social media companies make their own independent decisions about content management, we believe it is important to enforce their own rules to prevent the spread of misinformation and the non-consensual, intimate use of real people.” “They have an important role in stopping the images… Congress should take legislative action to do so.”

She added, “Sadly, however, too often we know that laxity disproportionately impacts women and girls, who are the greatest targets of online harassment and abuse.”

When these photos of Swift started making waves on the internet earlier this week, her loyal fans immediately united and called for #ProtectTaylorSwift on various social media platforms and had the images removed.

“Unfortunately, by the time some of them were removed, they had spread to hundreds of millions of users,” said Mason Allen, head of development for Reality Defender. hill,

And it’s not just celebrities being targeted.

“These are everyday people,” said Danielle Citron, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law. cnn, “It’s nurses, art and law students, teachers and journalists. We’ve seen stories of how it affects high school students and people in the military. It affects everybody.”

“It’s an interesting moment because Taylor Swift is so beloved,” Citron said. “People will be paying more attention because this is someone who is generally admired who has cultural power… It’s an important moment.”

These AI-generated clones of celebrities have not only taken over social media, but are also being used to sell scams.

According to a new report from 404media Earlier this month, deepfakes of public figures including Swift, Joe Rogan, Steve Harvey, Ice Cube, Andrew Tate, Oprah and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson were being used in scam ads on YouTube.

According to the tech outlet, these YouTube ads use the likenesses of celebrities to encourage viewers to visit unsafe websites and share personal financial data, under the guise that they can receive benefits like stimulus checks and government subsidies. Are.

Messenger has contacted Swift’s team for comment.