Zodiacs Who Always Feel Misunderstood

Written By: Mobin


Intense Scorpios crave deep connection but their stormy emotional complexity and secretiveness often leaves them feeling isolated.


Imaginative Pisces float between fantasy and reality, making others unable to grasp their mutable perspectives leading to loneliness.  


Aquarius’ humanitarian ideals, their oddball innovations make them feel like aliens marching to the beat of their own drummer.


Caring Cancers desperately wish to be understood yet frequently mask vulnerability. This causes chronic feelings of being misunderstood.


Critical Virgos feel constantly judged for their implacable perfectionism rooted in deep insecurities and self-protection. 


Vivacious Geminis consider few capable of truly knowing their dual nature. They feel perpetually misunderstood by most


Charming Libras obsess over others’ perceptions. They morph identities to be socially accepted but feel unseen inside.

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