Zodiacs Fantasizing About Their Soulmate

Written By: Mobin


The fantasy prone Pisces is often lost in romantic reveries about their one true love waiting for them out there. 


Idealistic Libras fully envision an epic fairytale romance that seems to good to ever come true, except in their dreams.


Nurturing Cancers yearn for unconditional devotion and imagine their perfect partner who will finally "get" them.  


Virgos critique every potential suitor against their fantasy ideal mate checklist floating in their heads.


Sensual Taurus' vividly imagine their soulmate romance filled with passion, beauty, shared values, and life's comforts.


Alluring Scorpios fantasize about a deep soul bond with a mysterious, magnetic partner who's totally captivated by them.


Aquarians envision meeting their kindred spirit who shares all their idiosyncrasies and high-minded ideals.

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