Must Have Essentials for a New Puppy

Written By: Mudassir

Collar & Leash

A properly fitted, adjustable collar and sturdy 6 foot leash are essential for walks, tags and restraint.  

ID Tag

Custom ID tags with your contact info for fast identification if your pup gets lost. Update as info changes.

Dog Bed  

Cozy dog beds provide a restful sleep sanctuary. Multiple beds allow sleeping near you around home. 


Durable, non-tip bowls for food and water. Elevated bowls promote better posture while eating.

Poop Bags  

Stock up on poop bags for sanitary, eco-friendly clean up while exploring neighborhood.


Keep tasty training treats on hand to positively reinforce desired behaviors.

Chew Toys

Interactive puzzle toys stimulate their mind. Tough chew toys save your belongings. 

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