Common Mistakes Adopting Shelter Dogs 

Written By: MUDASSIR

Rushing In

Acting on impulse without preparation leads many dogs back to shelters. Take time to make the right match. 

Assuming History 

With unknown history, give your dog grace to adjust without expecting specifics. Build trust slowly.

Lacking Patience   

Progress takes time! Frustration with accidents or training fumbles often causes premature returns.

Not "Puppy-Proofing"

Remove temptations and secure hazards until dogs learn house rules to prevent destruction.  

Skipping Intros  

Gradual, structured introductions help dogs and current pets coexist peacefully over time. 

Diet Changes Too Fast

Sudden food changes may cause digestion issues. Transition slowly to avoid GI upset.

Unrealistic Expectations  

Understand each dog has unique needs without projecting limiting preconceptions.  

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