Tyrese Gibson Opens Up About His ‘Intense Headspace’ Return to Movie Set a Day After Mom’s Death (Exclusive)

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Tyrese Gibson is proof that the show must (and can) go on.

In the middle of shooting his latest film bad menThe actor began worrying about his mother, Priscilla Murray, after she was hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia.

After Murray went into a coma and Died in February 2022His son knew that it was important to mourn but also focus on work.

“I had to go back to the film set the next day to finish shooting and they were totally considerate and patient because when you’re doing these independent movies, every day,” Gibson exclusively shared with The Messenger. “Things keep growing.” “Whatever I was doing acting-wise before my mother passed away, it went to a whole ‘new level’ when I came back.”

While Gibson admitted he had “intense anxiety” while working on the part in the thrilling crime drama, he is looking forward to seeing the finished product and making his mother proud.

Gibson recalled filming scenes after his mother’s death, saying, “Things were very bleak.” “There was no acting required. I just had to show up, wear the clothes.”

To this day, Gibson has no idea how he tried to remember the lines and complete the work. But even after more than two decades in the industry, fast x The actor says he tries to give his best in every task that comes his way.

He shared, “At the end of the day, I always say they can hire anybody and the fact is whether they want to hire me or want to hire me? It doesn’t matter. What am I doing.” “I just hope that I always make them proud and make them feel like I did my job.”

In addition to acting, Gibson has also found success as a musician. The singer is expected to perform his new singlelove exchange” and other hits at upcoming shows in February, including a stop at the Yamawa Theater in Highland, California.

He admitted, “As long as I’m doing this, every phone call and every opportunity is still a big deal to me.” “I don’t care if I work on the film for 10 days or two months. I can’t believe I’m still here today. It’s just tremendous and I’m grateful to still be working on it.” In these years.”

You can see Gibson on February 17 in Southaven, Miss., on February 18 in St. Louis, Mo. and can be seen performing live at the Yamawa Theater in Highland, California on February 23.

bad men is in theaters and on-demand starting Friday. The film is also available on DVD from March 12.