Tyrese Gibson explains why he calls DeSantis a ‘zombie’ (Exclusive)

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Tyrese Gibson said what he said.

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race and supporting former President Donald Trump, the actor couldn’t stop himself from sharing his opinion publicly.

“The zombie has left,” Gibson wrote. Instagram, “Thank God… God.”

After a few days, fast x The star explains why he spoke out and gave the former presidential candidate a nickname.

“If I say ‘Ron DeSantis is a zombie,’ it’s because he’s got these videos online that are so ridiculous,” Gibson exclusively told The Messenger Thursday while promoting his new film. bad men, “Like, ‘Stand still. Wave your hand. Blink. Adjust your tie. Do this. Do that,’ and they make him clearly uncomfortable and extremely Looks weird and strange.”

From Gibson’s perspective, he was not exactly sure what he was seeing.

He shared, “To me nothing looks natural about that guy, so he looks like a robot.” “It was as if someone had come up to him right before he stepped on the stage in front of you and he walked away with a newly recharged battery in his back. It looked like a strange cyborg, like he wasn’t human “

In simple terms, Gibson said it was his way of letting the world know “how I feel about that weird guy’s physicality.”

He repeated, “He looked like a zombie to me.” “It’s like the movie terminator, You peel the back off and it’s all metal… and it’s bullshit.”

All jokes aside, Gibson said he’s not afraid to talk politics. He defines being political as when someone decides to speak out and speaks about what they believe in.

“If you have a fan base, instagram followersYou’re an actor, you’re a rapper, you’re a singer, you’re a producer, you’re an executive,” he explained, “the moment you get out there and start telling the world what you think And whoever you support and whoever you stand with, technically you are in politics because the opposite of politics is to stay home and keep quiet.”

in his new film bad men, two undocumented immigrants work as ditch diggers in the desert. When their employers turn out to be psychopaths, survival will become the most difficult task of their lives.

“It was great to do this movie,”love exchangeThe singer said, “It was good to work on it.”

bad men In cinemas from Friday and available on demand. The film will also be available on DVD on March 12. You can see Gibson on Feb. 17 in Southaven, Miss., on Feb. 18 in St. Louis, Mo. and can also be seen performing live at the Yamawa Theater in Highland, California. ., on 23 February.