Raquel Lewis Details ‘The Biggest Way’ Tom Sandoval Cheated On Her During Months-Long Affair

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News of their affair came after about a year vanderpump rules As co-star Tom Sandoval comes to light, Raquel “Rachel” Lewis is detailing her ex’s “manipulative” tactics and revealing the “biggest way” he cheated on her.

during their Friday episode Rachel turns evil podcast, Lewis opened up about Scandal — which led to the end of his nine-year relationship with fellow co-star Ariana Madix — and the reason he felt “emotionless” during the show’s explosive reunion.

“I was splitting up for the reunion. I was taking direction from someone… In the last five minutes of Season 10, you saw me breaking down because I want to be clean and I’m still holding things back Because I don’t want to betray Tom because he’s the one person I have left,” said Lewis, who entered a mental health facility shortly after the news broke. “In my world, it seemed like he was the only person. He got me. He understood me. He was there for me this whole time – or so I believed.”

“By revealing these things, I was ‘betraying’ her. That was a really hard part for me… that was a big thing I was working on through my trauma therapy. Well look, I cheated on Tom by telling him the truth. And my therapist was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa – but didn’t Tom cheat on you before?’ I was like, how?’ I couldn’t see it,” she continued. “I really had to think about it. Like, ‘Oh, he asked me to lie when he knew I wasn’t a good liar and I told him I don’t like lying.’ He put me in a very bad situation because of my friendship and this placement in this international reality TV show, putting my reputation in danger.

“He knew I was going through this heartbreak, and I’ve heard him say in interviews, ‘Oh, Raquel was really coming into her own.’ And that’s what attracted her to me,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘You’re an asshole. You could have left me like this. Like, let me live. Why can’t you please me as a friend?'”

However, the biggest way he betrayed her, Lewis revealed, was “filming me without my consent.” (Lewis is likely referring to the intimate video Maddix later found on Sandoval’s phone, as seen on the Bravo series.)

She shared, “I can see how the show impacted my decisions, how my trauma and my relationship with Tom impacted those decisions, and my trust in him and my betrayal of myself in that process.” “I’m able to see a lot more clearly now. That’s what I needed. I needed that space to gain that clarity. Otherwise, if I went back to do the show, it would just shatter into a million pieces.” I would have. It would have been me and Tom versus the world. I would have fallen into an unhealthy pattern.”

Earlier this week, during a conversation with psychologist Dr. Hilary Goldsher on her podcast, Lewis said she isn’t planning on dating again in the near future.

Lewis recalled, “You said something very interesting about the validation coming into our love relationship.” “Moving forward, realizing that through my therapy process, I’m not dating for a year. In doing that, I’m just focusing on myself.”