No, despite what you see on TikTok, Michael Cera is not the mind behind CeraVe

By maaz

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Michael Cera really loves CeraVe’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion — so much so, that TikTok executives are wondering if he owns a multimillion-dollar skincare company.

First, it started barbie Actors walking randomly through the streets of New York City holding hands lotion bottles To the passersby. If you know anything about his hilarious and random history it’s not surprising stunt —but when Sports Illustrated model (and CeraVe partner) Haley Kalil filmed herself heading out to stock up on skincare and signing her name on bottles, it started to feel like something stranger was about to happen.

“This is a lovely cream here,” she said softly before leaving the shop.

Serra continued to fan the conspiracy fire recently Interview this week with one really good podcast Host (also a CeraVe partner) Bobby Althoff. After making several allusions to “launching a product” with an unnamed business, the interviewer pushed him to be more direct.

“Look into my eyes right now and tell me, Serave, have you made it or not?” Althoff asked. The actor left the set saying he needed to “rub something on my arms”.

He later said, “I don’t claim this, but if you look at my name, my name is Michael Cera and people understand that clearly.”

“I like to say that I have some abilities in sports.”

Despite Cera’s coy comments, we’ve spoken to a representative for the actor and are here to put the speculation to rest. Messenger can confirm that “CeraVe was developed by dermatologists, not Michael Cera” — though his involvement with the brand has not yet been disclosed.