Jay Leno thinks America can do better than Trump

By maaz

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Jay Leno is speaking against former President Donald Trump.

The comedian appeared on an episode and shared his thoughts on the presidential candidate piers morgan uncensored Released on Thursday and shared that he is “not a fan” of Trump.

He added, “If people want that person as president, that’s fine. I mean, I’m not a fan, and it has nothing to do with politics. I just don’t think morally – I think we can do a little bit better. You know all these indictments, whatever they are.”

The former talk show host said he has completely stopped talking politics during his comedy sets due to the current climate.

“You know, when I did The Tonight Show, the idea was that you made fun of both sides equally…they would both be angry. And I’d say, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ You know, they both think you’re supporting the other person,” he explained. “Now, you have to take a side, and people get angry if you don’t do that.”

Leno, who left his talk show more than a year before Trump announced his presidential campaign, previously shared with tennessean He was “lucky” to miss covering that presidency.

“I did [The Tonight Show] When Bush was stupid and Clinton was sexy,” he recalled, “those were human weaknesses. I never questioned anyone’s patriotism, and I never questioned their motives. I only questioned his decision.”

He added, “It’s gotten so ugly now, I’m glad I’m not involved in it.”