Jason Gould on his new ‘Hybrid Dance Song’ and his long journey to sing with mom Barbra Streisand (Exclusive)

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Jason Gould has always been a fan of music, but it wasn’t until he reached the age of 40 that the singer and actor felt comfortable sharing his talents with the world. His hesitation? The fact is that he grew up with a mother who was a singer: Barbra Streisand.

“I was always musical,” Gould, whose father is famed actor Elliott Gould, told The Messenger last week. “I was always someone who would sit at a keyboard and make little tunes. But I was also afraid to open my mouth in front of anyone. I was afraid to sing or express myself in music because I was afraid of my mother and her There were people around who were icons in music. So I was just afraid of being judged, of being compared, of not being good enough, and so for most of my life I put that kind of thing off.”

But that all changed more than a decade ago when Gould, then 40, started writing and recording his own songs. After releasing a self-titled EP in 2012 and an album in 2017, he is back with a new EP this year, hold dayOut March 22nd.

Today, Gold is unveiling the first single and accompanying video, “Laws of Desire,” a dance-pop anthem about erotic connection. Building from a slow-paced verse to a passionate uptempo chorus, the song showcases Gold’s passionate, versatile vocals. “We were bound by the laws of desire,” he sings. “Two souls burned in the fire/There can be no way to break us now.”

Creating a ‘Hybrid Dance Song’

Gould says he never expected the song, which he co-wrote with songwriter Liz Vidal, to take on a dance-music feel. But once he began working with Alex Poppel, a young New York producer whom he met through a friend, “Laws of Desire” began to move in that direction.

Gould said, “Alex introduced some of this dance style that I wasn’t expecting to work with the melody and lyrics of ‘Laws of Desire,’ but I was pleasantly surprised.” “I was surprised that the song could handle that kind of tempo. … It wasn’t written to be a dance song, but I consider it a hybrid dance song.”

For the song’s video, Gould and his collaborator, director Antony Beilinsohn, experimented with imagery generated by the AI ​​program MidJourney.

Gould recalled, “The coolest thing was these robotic kind of images and I thought, let’s go in this direction, because these are the kind of images that work.” “I initially wanted to do something that was like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and touching the tree of knowledge and the apple, but then this dystopic, AI-gone-hey, end-of-days thing happened, so it was more of those Bursting with ideas. I know it’s unusual, but I like it.”

finally cooperating with my mother

One might think that growing up, Gould’s family was immersed in music, but he says that was actually not the case.

“My mother never sang at home,” he said. “There wasn’t really a lot of music in the house, but I loved being in the studio when she was recording. … I love that creative environment.”

However, over time, after acting with her mother in 1991 prince of tide, Gould was able to take a more active role in her musical life. A Version of the Irving Berlin classic “How Deep is the Ocean?” What they recorded for their first EP marked the beginning of a collaboration they never dreamed of.

“I was so afraid to share this with her, but I let her hear it,” Gould said. “She had never heard me sing before, and I think she was so surprised that I could sing. But she also said, ‘I want to record it with you.’ …And then he asked me to go on tour with him and sing this song. It wasn’t something I thought about, dreamed of, wanted, and because I’m a very private, shy person, it That wasn’t really what I was looking for. But I also saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with my mother and overcome my fear of being viewed that way. So for her to say yes and do that was a great experience for me. Kind of a spiritual thing. To stand up and sing in front of thousands of people and sing with my mom was a big thing. And I’m glad I did it.”

when gold announced hold day In December his mother posted a Message of support on their Instagram page: “So proud of your new album,” signed “Mom.”

Understanding the meaning of ‘the world gone mad’

Another development for Gold, who is openly gay, has been witnessing changing perceptions of the LGBTQ+ community over the course of his life.

He said, “I had dropped out several years ago. It definitely changed the direction of my acting career.” “I look at young people now – they can just be themselves, and I think, wow, how great… I know we live in a world where there’s a conservative faction that is against getting married.” wants to take away our rights and our freedoms. They have won, and I hope that doesn’t happen. But I think the more people realize that we are everywhere – gay, lesbian, transgender… we are your We’re your daughters, we’re your sons, we’re your brothers, we’re your sisters, we’re your parents or your friends or we’re your teachers. We’re just like you. We just want the same things, you know? ”

gold’s next single hold day“World Gone Crazy”, releasing on February 23, will touch on the kind of intolerance he still sees around him. “At the end of the day, I’m just a human being, you know, trying to make sense of a world gone crazy.”