‘Hightown’ Stars James Badge Dale and Riley Voelkel Break Down Ray and Renee’s Strained Relationship in the Season 3 Premiere (Exclusive)

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there’s trouble in heaven hightownThis is the hottest couple, but isn’t that always the case with toxic couples?

The Season 3 premiere of the Starz crime drama revealed that nearly six months have passed since we last saw our Cape Cod favorites, and Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) and Renee (Riley Voelkel) have had their baby — A girl named Scarlett. With Renee’s drug kingpin ex Frankie (Amaury Nolasco) still behind bars and Ray reinstated in his position at the police department, it might seem like this is the happy ending he’s been longing for since they first fell in love. Struggled. However, neither of them seem very satisfied right now.

In the episode, Ray is completely captivated by the latest developments in the department’s war on drugs, including a surprise trip to New York to catch a superdealer. He is rarely home, and Renee, who is struggling with childbearing again, is increasingly bored by his existence. Instead of attending a mom support group, she decides to go back to work at Xavier’s without telling Ray the truth about it.

messenger caught hightown Stars James Badge Dale and Riley Voelkel talk about the dilemma their characters face at the start of this new (and final) season. According to Dale, one of the major problems that exists between them is a level of well-earned mistrust.

“Suspicious people become suspicious of other people,” he said. “If your side of the road isn’t clear, all of a sudden you’re looking at everybody blaming them and the same thoughts are going through your mind. I say, ‘Wait a minute. Wait.'”

James Badge Dale and Riley Voelkel on 'Hightown' Season 3, Episode 1.
James Badge Dale and Riley Voelkel on ‘Hightown’ Season 3, Episode 1.starz

In fact, Ray has been keeping a close eye on Renee since the second half of Season 2, especially when it comes to the mysterious murder of Frankie’s cousin and partner in crime Jorge (Luis Guzman). However, considering where they started from – luring Renee into the prostitution ring and then turning her against Frankie – Voelkel isn’t convinced there’s any other way for the two.

He added, “Can they trust each other? Yes, they have this deep secret, but they both started their relationship with a lie.” “And there’s the old Renee and the old Ray that’s still there within them. And it’s really like, can they ever trust each other, you know?”

Voelkel says the reason why Renee decided to return to the club to work is simply a matter of her wanting to feel like herself again.

Riley Voelkel on 'Hightown' Season 3, Episode 1.Riley Voelkel on 'Hightown' Season 3, Episode 1.
Riley Voelkel on ‘Hightown’ Season 3, Episode 1.starz

“Ray is passionate about his work and he’s back to his job and so that’s his priority,” Voelkel said. “Meanwhile, Renee is back home with a newborn and her son, and I think superficially this is the kind of life she’s expecting. She wanted stability. She wanted to get away from Frankie. “She wanted. She just wanted a normal life.”

Voelkel feels that Renee is feeling a void in her life. “And what is that? Does she remember the hustle and bustle of her old life? Does she remember the power she felt and that she really felt she was something? And maybe she really herself “She’s convinced that what she wants is to be a good stay-at-home mom and maybe there’s a part of her that wants more.”

Voelkel continued, “You can see that she’s missing that hustle, that other side of her… that candy side of her or that boss side of her that was running things and making decisions and feeling powerful. Was doing.” “I think there are elements of both sides of who she really is. But I think she’s more convinced of herself by saying, ‘I want a better life at home to mother my children than she does. He really is. I think he’s the one a lot of people on the other side crave that power and that rush.”

We’ll have to wait and see if these strange lovebirds can build their new lives as the season continues.

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