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“There is no greater joy than sitting around the pool, spa or fireplace with family and enjoying each other’s company making the most out of every little moment in life.”

Born and raised in Greenwood South Carolina, both Tammy and I could not think of a better place to raise our family and run a community based business. We love this area and nothing could make us want to move.

From our humble beginnings, we started Kirk’s Pool & Hearth back in early 1997 out of our little garage. We worked part time on weekends while working full time at our primary jobs. Looking back, that is what we had to do if we ever wanted to get by. This is how we began selling Greenwood SC Pools.

Every year we grew and today we have a 10,000+ square foot showroom packed with everything to make your outdoor experience the best it can be. We have a complete line of pools, spas, fireplaces and just about anything you can imagine to enhance your family experience. Greenwood SC Pools means that our local community gets the best prices and expert service.

We actually take pride in our service and vow to never let a customer have a bad experience! What sets us apart from our competitor’s in Greenwood is our commitment and dedication to you, our customer. Without that, Greenwood SC Pools would not be where we are today!

We simply provide honest, second to none, awesome customer service along with superior products at the best price in the entire Greenwood area. Hard work, and fast service also helps set us apart. All this is combined with a strong dedication to our community, and respect to all our clients throughout the United States.

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