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Greenwood Above Ground Pools Planning Guide

When you are going to build an above ground pool, Greenwood above ground pools will offer you a guideline to construct a brilliant pool that brings you and your family comfort.

  1. Planning

First step Greenwood above ground pools will recommend for your ease is planning. You should have a foolproof plan before starting to build your above ground pool.

Make it clear that what size of the pool will meet your needs. Select a place for your pool where sun throws its rays directly to the water surface, but also prevent it from stormy winds. Make it possible that you can watch the site easily from your home. When you have worked out for the project, then get permission from zoning authorities for pool building.

  1. Size and Shape

The second thing to decide is pool size and shape.

The size of the pool depends on your requirements, available space, how can you easily manage, and cost.

Normally there are two shapes of pool adopted.

  • Oval pools are fit to make available space for different family water sports, but it costs heavy.
  • Round pools need less space, it is also easy to install, and they cost less.
  1. Materials

Get directions from Greenwood above ground pools while choosing material for your pool. Normally there are four types of materials used in supporting structure, steel, wood, resin, and aluminum.

We will pass resin as a supporting structure because it has many plus points over other substances. It consumes more heat than others do like steel and aluminum. Moreover, the resin is corrosion free, so a little maintenance it wants.

Resin is easy to assemble, lighter and more firm than steel. For a salt system, steel pool will not work, but resin pool is the best choice. Consistency of a surface, curved structure and decorating features of resin make it perfect for above ground pool.

  1. Installation

Installation of above ground pool has many steps.

  • Leveling of ground is the first and most important step while starting to install the pool. Make it sure that the ground surface is compact and hard. It should be rock free, as well as there should be no tree roots or other edged article.
  • Placement of deck blocks under all erections
  • Install ladder and filtration system, and adjoin pool walls.
  • Remove garbage, mud and stub from the pool area
  • Spread all-electric wiring
  1. Equipment
  • Pumps

Pumps are the most important equipment of the pool to keep the pool clean and clear. Function of the pump is to generate a vacuity that helps to pull water through an automatic skimmer, next comes filter and some other accessories like heater, salt system, and cleaner. After all process, water goes again to the pool.

  • Filters

 Filters play a key role to grip the unwanted grass, stems, and other trash. Filters keep the water neat and clean.

  1. Accessories
  • Heaters

When you will install heaters in your Greenwood above ground pool it will be easy to start swimming well before the summer comes.

  • Cleaners

Cleaners catch every debris, trash, and unwanted garbage from the pool. These cleaners suck the waste within minutes.

  • Lights

Installing lights inside and outside the pool is very important, as these lights provide safety as well as create beauty.

  • Covers

When you are not using pool for swimming or maintenance, cover it to prevent the pool from any garbage. Moreover, the pool water will stay hot after covering the pool.

  1. Decking

You can enjoy more, as above ground pool will give a look of in-ground pool. It will produce a reasonable space for amusement, as well as it will conceal the accessories that are not in use.

When you are going to use cushions, place them at a distance from water to prevent cushions from getting wet.

Come see why we are the best when it comes to all your swimming needs.

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